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Why your 810nm diode laser hair removal machine price so high? Sep 19, 2018

Why diode laser hair removal machine price so high ?

Nowadays more and more people know difference between IPL, opt and diode laser, so they know the diode laser is better than IPL and OPT. While another question also came, there are so many diode laser machine in the market, why your diode laser hair removal machine price so high?

laser hair removal machine price

I like to answer this kind of question yes, it is my work to deal with diode laser for more than 5 years, also I have technical support from our company, and I have been a nice beauty adviser here to do laser hair removal treatment sometimes. So I would like to answer this question why diode laser hair removal machine price so high? Recently several of my customers asked this kind of questions, also they want to open a new salon or clinic with not big cost, but they are hesitated on how to choose a right accurate diode laser hair removal machine. It is really a headache:-) So please find my blog bellow and hope it will make you suddenly enlightened!

Why diode laser hair removal machine price so high?

You should compare on the following several factors:

1. Diode Laser Bar & Micro Channel Coller Origin:

Commonly in diode laser field, there are 2 famous laser bar company, Germany Jenoptik and USA Coherent, also in the market many supplier crow about their diode stack is from Jenopik or from Dilas. In fact the diode bar company Jenoptik is OK for diode bar assembly so they have diode stack by their own, while dilas and coherent now they are united. In the European and USA market, their cost for materials and the human resourse all are high, now we have learned in Germany the assembly technology so we have better cost-effective advantages.

China diode laser tech nowadays are improving, also we are using Germany imported bar Jenoptik Bar also we have Coherent Bar as second options. And for the micro channel cooler, it is also important for the laser bar lifetime. Nowadays many supplier in order to reduce the material cost, they are using China brand micro channel cooler now, so the machine laser stack cost was dowm. While for long term, it is not a good replacement, if lifetime shorten, will be more difficult to do replacement service and after-sale communication.

So diode laser tech company we insist on diode laser bar and micro channel cooler both imported to ensure the laser hair removal machine handle long time life.

laser hair removal machine price

2. Laser hair removal machine cooling system:

For diode laser machine, there are no any parts are easy to be broken. Only the diode laser bar and handle is comsumables. While for such an expensive diode laser hair removal machine, everyone hope it has a long life time and make much more profits. So to ensure the laser bar working long time is very significant.

How to make the machine laser diode bar working long time?

PER our experience, our engineer have research the characteristics and specifications for laser bar. It must be working in accurate temperature between 18-35 degree and moisture also tender.

So if a professional diode laser hair removal machine manufacturer, they will control the diode laser bar working in a nice condition without any threat for the diode burn. So we are working improving it for more than 16 years now. Now we are basically finishing this project to control it well.

Our diode laser hair removal machine used the best Japan imported compressor chiller, which can hold 600W chilling comsumption. Compared with China 200W chiller or other supplier who did not use any chiller inside machine, this machine continously working more than 24 hours no any problem. While no compressor will work only 8 hours or 12 hours at most.

Another cooling way is from the handle sapphire there are micro channel and sapphire contact, whicl will also do improvement for the laser cooling.

Inside the diode laser hair removal machine, there is big tank and radiator also pumps with nice water recycling to do the cooling assistance.

So to buy a nice diode laser hair removal machine, you should pay more attention on diode laser cooling system.

laser hair removal machine pricelaser hair removal machine price

3. Technical support and after-sale service

No matter for end-user beauty salon and clinic doctors, or for beauty machine distributors, professional technical support and good after-sale service will be important for both of them.

If you buy a laser hair removal machine, you may need to learn each kind of spare parts and the effect and working theroy before placing a order, while you can not solve any problem after-sale. To choose a great machine will decrease the possibility of problems happen. While to find a professional technician team will also improve your after-sale service.

There are more and more supplier who just want to do one-time business, they just show sincerity to cooperation before your order. While after-sale they will disappear soon.

Recently hear about one story from a turkey customer, they bought one IPL device about 2600USD while waiting 3 month to receive the machine. During that, they have told me to confirm whether the supplier send them the device and the supplier have shown them the tracking NO.However when they received the device it is just one of trolley worth about 260USD. It is just a story but very often to see nowadays.

In our team, we have good engineer who can feedback you within 1 hour, no matter what is the time they will feedback you to do rest assured that we are always there for you. Secondly, when the working time, we will show you video to help you find the problem. Finally will show you video to video talk to give maintenance for the laser hair removal machine.

We will not promise for each city in each country we will have after-sale service center. If we do that, you will also increase the input of diode laser hair removal machine price. So it is another way to increase cost. Even if we make each city one center, if without professional excellent engineer, it is no use to do replacement service by them, you need a professional engineer who can give you guidance.

laser hair removal machine price

If you have any more question I will explain more in the next blog, or You can contact Danny by whatsapp 0086-18518945778.[whatsapp]




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