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What problems should cosmeticians pay attention to during the hair removal procedure?

What problems should cosmeticians pay attention to during the hair removal procedure?

At present, beauty equipment has become the main method for the beauty salon to carry out the project. The proficiency of the instrument operation is related to the effect and safety of the treatment. Beauty equipment problems, we must find a professional beauty equipment repair company to seek solutions. Different maintenance companies have different operating procedures. What problems should cosmeticians pay attention to during the hair removal procedure?

hair removal procedure

1, Treatment of energy parameters adjustment

For different customers, there should be a difference in the adjustment of the instrument parameters. To achieve the best therapeutic effect within the safety range, it can generally be adjusted from low to high. For customers with more serious skin problems, you can record the number and time of treatment according to the condition of the skin treatment, and make enough energy to do enough times. Eastern Light has decades of experience in professional packaging technology and assembly equipment, and can communicate online anytime there is any problem. We will respond to your questions 24 hours a day and provide free consultation services.

hair removal procedure


2, The treatment of the density of the head

No matter what kind of beauty equipment, the operation process should have a certain sequence, what to do first, after which parts, do not cause the omission of the treatment site, to ensure that every inch of the skin can get effective treatment. Taking the E-light beauty instrument as an example, a stamp-type method is used. To avoid treatment of blind spots, one-third of the treatment site can be overlapped. In addition, the 808nm semiconductor laser should be operated in a gliding mode, and it should be closely attached to the skin to make the skin completely fit the handle.


3, Careful operation on focus and difficult areas 

Some of the more serious parts of the problem, beauty equipment maintenance personnel recommend that you can slightly increase the intensity of treatment, multiple operations, to ensure that the key parts can be a corresponding effective treatment, such as ultrasonic knife wrinkle, in the skin of severe relaxation, you can use several The knife head superimposed treatment will have better results. However, some bones and blood vessels are dense parts that must be avoided to avoid side effects.

Diode laser hair removal also, in the face of bone, should avoid treatment.

hair removal procedure

4, Timely communication with customers

Each person’s skin tolerance will be different. During the treatment process, pay attention to the customer’s skin condition, ask the customer’s feelings. If there is a strong sense of heat or tingling, it is necessary to properly lower the energy. If there is no feeling, there is It may be that there is not enough energy, and energy may be increased appropriately.

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hair removal procedure



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