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What points to pay attention to when using diode laser beauty equipment ? July 4, 2018

What points to pay attention to when using diode laser beauty equipment ?

  1. Diode laser beauty equipment must be filled with water before starting, otherwise it will burn the treatment gun.
  2. When adding water, open the overflow opening. When the overflow is flowing outward, it means that it has been filled with water.


3.Diode laser beauty equipment boot operation: remove the bald head below the fuselage, open the emergency stop switch to start, use the key to repeatedly boot 2-3 times to ensure the normal operation of the machine.


4, Diode laser beauty equipment there will be with flow sound when the handle has water recycling, touch crystal cooling before operation, otherwise it will burn the machine or burn the customer’s skin. After the light is on, it can be treated for 2-3 minutes. The purpose is to make the treatment head fully cool. When the machine is turned on, you can not touch the button of the treatment head soon to emit light, which will seriously damage the life of this instrument. Please check whether the crystal position of the treatment head is frozen or there is water condensation. Otherwise, It is considered not to be cooled.


5, the treatment handle is fragile items, please be careful to operate, when not in use, please fix it into the holder and keep it stable.


6, if customer is the first time to do diode laser beauty machine treatment, you must first use testing machine to test sensitivity,if really no problem can be treated with this hair removal.


7, cooling gel: clean the treatment site, evenly apply cold gel, the thickness of 2mm is best, the nose and forehead is thickened (such as hair removal items, the hair must be shaved after cleaning the treatment site, Cold gel is a light-guiding agent, which has the function of cleaning, cooling and guiding light. Cold gel is forbidden to be used repeatedly and discarded after use.


  1. Technical parameters: In principle, the energy parameters must be adjusted from low to high (no more than 2 energy points per adjustment), and according to the color of the customer’s skin (the color depth can be selected with smaller energy parameters, color You can use a larger energy parameter to consult and observe the customer’s feelings and reactions. If the customer feels a slight sensation.


  1. Bald test: After adjusting the parameters, put the optical head crystals down 2-3 times (not aligned with Chengdu beauty medical equipment, eyes can not be directly viewed).


Test sensitivity: test sensitivity in the patient’s treatment site is mild, select a good site, stop after three spots, observe the skin reaction at the test site, and consult the customer experience, the normal reaction is: the treatment is reddish, The guest feels a slight tingling (if it is painful, the skin is reddish, the energy parameter is too large, the energy parameters can be appropriately reduced, and the cooled bald head is immediately placed in the treatment place to cool down, so as to avoid burns; if the customer does not feel anything, The energy parameter is small, the observation time can be extended to prevent delayed reaction, and the energy parameter is increased or decreased according to the customer’s reaction until the test sensitivity is normal.


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