What kind of hair removal machine will be effective?

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*What is micro channel? What is macro channel and what are the difference between them?
*Why the diode laser bar was burned after short time treatment?
*What kind of diode laser device is most effective for hair removal?

I am very happy and full of passion for many customers to solve their questions about the laser hair removal devices every day. The passion of my work is derived from the good feedback and recognition of the customers, helping more ladies to complete the beautiful transformation.. I help more and more customers learn more about this kind of hair removal machine, solve related questions and know how to choose a laser hair removal beauty machine with high quality and good effect,as well as reasonable price.

As early as 2014, I began to share various information about our products on Facebook, but later found that these information is everywhere, customers can easily get the product information, but they still do not know why this kind of hair removal machine can issue Laser? what parts are needed to make such a magic hair removal machine? how to assemble it? and why can we remove excess hair from the body? Customers are still very confused about which factors should be referred to when selecting a good laser hair removal instrument.

I began to realize that what the customer really needs to understand is not the introduction of superficial product information, but the more central core information of the hair removal instrument itself.

Here you will learn more about:
* What accessories are required for the birth of a laser hair removal machine?
* How to assemble these accessories into a hair removal beauty machine (assembly series video)
Each accessory will have a very detailed video tutorial
*Comparative analysis of different types of hair removal machine
* Share the actual hair removal process, the middle growth state and the final result
* Science knowledge about laser hair removal!

Aim to help more customers understand more about laser hair removal beauty equipment. Let more ladies enjoy their youth and enjoy their beauty.

diode laser hair removal machine for beauty salon

If you don’t want to spend high cost to buy a hair removal machine with poor performance, resulting in no sales or bad reputation for you,please take 10-15 minutes to read the following content. It will describe in details about what kind of hair removal machine will be really effective, as well as the key points about how to identificate when purchasing, which will bring you more sales and gain a louder reputation in the beauty market.
I believe all wise businessesmen will certainly want to use a good hair removal machine to produce long-lasting benefits, but helplessness is exacerbated by the exaggerated propaganda information and bad market conditions of some businesses purpose.
Currently the most popular hair removal methods in the market:

A. Regardless of color light, composite light, or photon, their official name is called IPL, which is actually the same meaning. IPL is called intense pulse light. , is a wide band visible composite light composed of different wavelengths, composed of visible light and infrared light, the wavelength range of 475-1200nm.

B.Photon hair removal is divided into three types: IPL, E-Light and OPT. In fact, briefly describe that IPL is first generation, E-light is an upgraded version of IPL, belongs to second generation, OPT is an upgraded version of E-light. , belonging to the thirs generation. Pure photon hair removal technology has long been eliminated, now in the market mostly used is OPT hair removal machine.

The most direct difference between E-light and OPT is the “flat top square wave” technology. With this technology, the most intuitive progress is to save a large area hair removal time,oringinally the E light is stamped the same operation of the probe crystal cross-section; While OPT is a sliding push, you can remove hair one full leg or handle. Therefore, OPT is more efficient, more comfortable than E-light, and not as painful as E-light. The number of treatment cycles is also relatively shortened. It can be said that OPT is the first choice in hair removal machine for intense pulsed light technology.

Lasers only emit light in one wavelength, which is coherent and collimated (all photons and light waves propagate in parallel in the same direction). It is specifically optimized for a component of the skin (hair follicle), so laser hair removal is better than intense pulsed light.

The factor regarding the effect is the absorbed effective energy. High energy, short wavelength, but no absorption by the hair follicle melanin, will be no use for hair removal. Clinical experimental data show that the laser must be at 808 nm or 810 nm, and the IPL needs to exceed 640 nm, then they will achieve more efficient hair removal. .

Due to the strong pulsed light’s own characteristics of its own multi-wavelength wide-band pulsed light source, strong pulsed light has an effect, but the effect is poor, and the effect is slow, only part of the light is absorbed by the hair follicle.

However, laser can be accurately absorbed by the hair follicle and it will not affect other tissues of the skin.

Hair removal effect: Diode Laser 808 > OPT > E-light > IPL

The application of IPL for direct hair removal is very challenging because it may have lower efficacy and adverse skin effects. The light source is not very pure and contains many kinds of light such as ultraviolet rays. In medical application, filters are used to filter harmful light. However, if filter is used for too long time or the quality of the filter is unqualified, it is very easy to cause direct skin pigmentation, precipitation, redness and blistering by unfiltered ultraviolet rays in the treatment. Because it contains multiple wavelengths of 475nm-1200nm, the energy is not concentrated, the hair removal effect is not very good, and the color saturation is easy to occur, so it is gradually replaced by the diode laser.

Therefore,ultimatly diode laser hair removal will gradually replace other hair removal methods with the effect and reputation. But there are many unscrupulous merchants in the market who still use the opt and IPL to fake laser hair removal.

What kind of diode laser is true laser?

Laser hair removal technology is divided into no channel, macro channel and micro channel
What is the difference between the three kinds of laser hair removal ?

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