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What kind of factors will cause the diode laser bar burned?

In 2017, we received 512 pieces of inquiries about the repair and replacement of diode laser stack in total. 379 customers of them chose our professional laser repair service. And we achieved a 95% repair success rate.

Generally, the main problem of these diode laser stacks is
Some or all of diode bars were burned.

Followings are some reasons that cause burning of the diode laser bar :
* Using machine for too long time,and machine temperature becomes too high.
We suggest please do not use the machine continously for more than 3 hours without any stop. It is like a man life, you should rest and work then rest, otherwise you will be get sick soon.
* The water flow rate is low. This will also make the heat-disappation slow, then will cause the diode bar temperature high.
* The room temperature is a bit higher than normal, when using the machine.So please adjust the room temperature better with air-conditionor when doing laser hair removal treatment.

* The environment for the machine is too humid.When using the diode laser hair removal machine,please do not always make the cooling of setting on all the time; also please do not always keep the spot with plastic wrapped.The diode laser bar will be easily with wet or humadity, this will also cause diode laser bar burn.

* Using bad quality diode bar.
* laser diode bar mounting technology couldn’t reach the standard.
* The electronic control parameters don’t suit for the diode laser stack
*Not accurate operation of laser hair removal machine

4.Water Problem
Do not use bad quality water with too much dirty and Ion,which will block the diode laser bar channel or holes. Also you should change water every month to make the machine with good quality of water.

Oriental-Laser Provide Service:
Laser Diode Stack Repair / Refurbishment
OEM Laser Diode Stack

Service Warranty:
Oriental-laser offers 6 months warranty for the micro channel cooled laser stack.
If your diode laser stack belongs to the following types. Please choosing us, we will offer you the best solution,with low factory price,high quality services.



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