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Various Customization Macro Channel Diode Stacks DVS OE-12/OE-12H/OE-L/OE-MS/OE-ML

Oriental-laser can offer Various Customization Macro Channel Diode Stacks DVS OE-12/OE-12H/OE-L/OE-MS/OE-ML.SN number can be from LST-L-3255AS,DVS-L-1012BAI,DVS-3466AS,DVS-1016AI,DVS-L-1010BAI,DVS-L-3255BAS,DVS-L-3345BAS,DVS-L-3349BAS,DVS-3444BAS,DVS-L-3578AS,DVS-L-1008BAI,DVS-L-3178AS,DVS-L-1007BAI,DVS-L-2408BAS and so on.

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Product Specification

Output power200W/250W/300W/350W/400W/500W/
Number of bars1-20 pieces
Solder typeAu-Sn hard solder or soft solder
Typical pulse width10ms-400ms
Repetition rate1-10Hz
Max duty circle20%
Operation current40A
Operation voltage<4V – <40V
Cooling requirement1. Flow Rate: >4.5L/min
2. Water quality: Industrial grade, anti-freeze possible, particle filter<100µm
3. Chiller water Temperature: 15°C-25°C.

See the drawing for specific models.
Others available upon request.
Wavelength can be mixed upon request
Pulse widths, frequency, duty circle and current setting should be reasonable depending on cooling circumstance and average power of laser stack. For further technical detail please contact us to get more support.

We are major in diode laser mounting and replacement for more than15 years. We use diode laser bar from Germany Jenoptik and USA Coherent, then mount diode laser stack in our own clean-lab. For hair removal application, we can offer diode bar macro channel stack from 2 bars to 20 bars, and the power can vary from 200W to 2000W no problem. They can replace any kind of china laser machine old diode bar used in your machines. Also we give diode laser stack 1 year warranty periods or 10 millions shots guarantee time.So Customer no longer need to worry about laser bar lifetime.If you have any more questions kindly contact Danny whatsapp 0086-18518945778 for more details.


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