What kind of spare parts you will need for manufacturing a diode laser hair removal machine ?

This text will tell you full spare parts list for manufacturering a diode laser hair removal machine:

If you are a senior laser beauty machine distributor or you have laser related professional skills and serve products in the laser industry, this content will definitely be liked by you. We will list all the accessories for a complete machine and continue to What is the role of your breakdown of each accessory, and how to complete the assembly of a machine step by step. Even if you do not have any relevant foundation, you can accomplish this great thing by following our video and let yourself get more profit. At the same time, it will be more helpful for market sales.

How long does it take to assemble a diode laser hair removal machine?
More than 50 skilled workers assembled: 2 units can be assembled in 1 day

If you do not have any experience for assembly before: 2 days will finish one machine no problem, please choose the second choice for easy-assembly ( Only 4 parts for a laser hair removal machine ).

1. Screen touch DWIN 10.4 inch

diode laser machine spare parts list Spare parts list

2. Machine cooling set with electronic board system

diode laser machine spare parts list Spare parts list

3. Laser diode handle

diode laser machine spare parts list Spare parts list

4. Outshell cover

diode laser machine spare parts list Spare parts list

The 4 parts will be packaged like the following:

one wodden pack will be for the cooling set,

one allumium box will be for the cover shell with handle and screen inside.

Also if you do not need out cover shell, since it will be big shipping weight and delivery cost will be high. So you can make the cover shell locally to make your cost more effective.You can only buy the first 3 parts with screen, cooling set and controller set, with a laser handle will be ok for testing and working.

With this kind of package will be ok for avoiding any delivery accuident or custom problem.

diode laser machine spare parts listSpare parts list

When you received the spare parts, you can find the following instructions to do the easy-assembly pack.Please click here the video and instructions:

How to assemble a diode laser machine from screws to total machine? That will be a little complicated compared from the above easy-assembly packs.

When you have good engineer team or you want to make diode machine in your own plant, you can try to learn the following assembly videos and instructions of each spare part :

Diode machine Accessories form:
1. Compressor (conventional: desktop 600w, vertical machine 300w)
2. Flow sensor
3. Temperature sensor
4. Radiator
5. Plug head
6. Power supply
7. Control board
8. Filter
9. Water pump
10. Screen
11. Pedaling
12. Key
13. Emergency stop
14. Fan
15. Sheet metal
16. Water tank
17. Tubing
18. Wire
19. Jack
20. Housing

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