Sapphire Crystal Light Guide for alma soprano ice 810nm laser tip repairing

Sapphire Crystal Light Guide for alma soprano details:

Size: 46.5mm*23(16)mm*12mm

sapphire crystal light guide Characteristics

The sapphire crystal light guide Used in conjunction with diode lasers, the optical properties of sapphire and quartz materials are used to efficiently transmit laser energy to the skin, so that energy is absorbed, and the subcutaneous dermis layer is uniformly heated, thereby effectively protecting the surrounding tissues from burns, thereby achieving hair removal effect.

1. high light efficiency conductivity

2. High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance

3. Anti-strong laser

According to the customer’ demand for different specifications of product , the product can be customized.

sapphire crystal light guide Application

This sapphire crystal light guide used for Alma soprano ice platinum laser hair removal handle repair, the Sapphire crystal light guide is customized according to the original Alma sapphire crystal light guide.

sapphire crystal light guide Detail Photo

sapphire crystal light guide Drawing


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