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IVYSCULPT Series Non-invasive 1060nm Diode Laser Fat Reduction Body Slimming Machine

What Is IVYSCULPT Series Non-invasive 1060nm Diode Laser Fat Reduction Body Slimming Machine?

IVYSCULPT Series Non-invasive 1060nm Diode Laser Fat Reduction Body Slimming Machine is newly designed by Oriental-laser. All members of our R&D team have concentrated their energy for almost 3 years, from appearance design to laser core component development, and made every effort to create this new intelligent IVYSCULPT 1060nm laser machine,which can really achieve fat reduction and body shaping.

IVYSCULPT 1060nm laser can precisely hit the fat cells, destroy the cell walls of the fat cells, and let them be excreted from the body along with the metabolism of the human lymphatic system , so as to achieve the effect of instant fat reduction and shaping.

What is IVYSCULPT 1060nm Laser Advantages?
1. Sufficient Energy and More Effective
The 1060nm laser of IVYSCULPT imported from Germany has accurate wavelength and high power density of 60W, which can make the laser power of each handle accurate to 0.1W-2W/cm2. Only this high energy can guarantee the treatment effect for fat reduction and weight loss.
2. Lightweight Hand-piece with Water-Passing Tech
The 1060nm laser hand-piece of IVYSCULPT is very lightweight and smart. In China market,we are the only supplier who also add the front mirror water-passing technology in the handle window so far. This kind of technology, While ensuring the heat dissipation of the handle, it also gives the treated person a more comfortable feelings.Also the IVYSCULPT hand-piece we designed is very light weight only 100g, so that IVYSCULPT operator when doing treatment will be very easy and convenient, you can work all day never feeling tired.
3. Intelligent TEM Sensor to Ensure Laser Safety
What’s more, the IVYSCULPT hand-piece is with intelligent temperature sensor to ensure laser safety. Although the hand-piece window spot size is only 6CM*3.5CM, there are 4 temperature probes to monitor whether you have attached the hand-piece on the skin tightly or not. Since 1060nm laser is invisible by bare eyes, so when customer do treatment they will be not sure about whether hand-piece its on laser or off laser, so we add this kind of sensors to ensure the safety of laser working.
IVYSCULPT settings require only when the hand-piece touches body skin tightly, then there will be green light, then machine can work lasers. At the same time, the indicator green light will be changed into the blue light.
4. Japan Hitachi Chiller to Ensure Best Cooling
IVYSCULPT is with best cooling device inner side to ensure longer working time. The compressor chillers inner side IVYSCULPT is imported from Japan Hitachi brand, which is famous in chillers market also, it controls the water temperature well to keep sufficient cooling for continuously working 24 hours no any problem. So that you can do a lot treatments for customers and earn much more profits together with Oriental-laser.
5. Smart Interface and One-touch Emergency Switch
IVYSCULPT cooperated with the best display screen manufacturers Dwin set as always.It is 10.4 inch,but it can be 360 degree adjustable. So you can operate the interface at any position around the device.
Also we have carefully prepared the user’s emergency stop button.It can be hold on patient hands for any unexpected needs to stop the machine.
The interface operation is also easy and intelligent.Operators only need to set the power energy grade and the treatment time, then IVYSCULPT will finish the treatment automatically.
6. Enough Belts for Wherever You Want to Be Shaped
Along with IVYSCULPT device, there are totally 19 straps, which can be used in customer body , chin , arm and thigh waist or buttocks. No matter which position of the body you want to treat , this IVYSCULPT device is always your ideal solution.
7. Real Fat-reducing to Reach Painless Shaping
1060nm laser IVYSCULPT, it is a really fat-reducing treatment that can really reduce the number of fat cells. It takes half an hour for a treatment process, which is completely painless. Compared with freezing or any other kind of body slimming device, you will never cause frostbite or any other kind of side-effect.
Nowadays,people have never stopped pursuing beauty, and body slimming and shaping is an eternal topic. In order to meet the different needs of the market, Oriental-laser have set up the following 3 different configurations for IVYSCULPT:they are IVYSCULPT PRO,IVYSCULPT 4 HPS, IVYSCULPT Duet. If you need to know more details, please click here to learn more, or contact our customer manager at any time.

IVYSCULPT Series are mainly including the following 3 models:

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