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Model W big spot ADSS 1600W laser handle refurbishing service

ADSS 1600W laser handle refurbishing description:

This 808nm hair removal handpiece model W-ADSSbigspot is made of 32bars laser stack with 1600W optic power. The laser bar stack in this handpiece is VS-MA-50-32(2×16) Model A

Most of this handpiece will be broken after 1-2millions shots. then the laser stack which is in it will burt out.

We remove the old burnt bar and replace with new bar. After that, the handpeice will become as a new one.

ADSS 1600W laser handle refurbishing procedure

Chioce A: Send the old broken handpiece to our facatory. We will do the process of checking , repairing, cleanning and etc. Then send the fresh new handpiece back to you.

Chioce B: if you have basic assambly capacity, you can send the diode laser stack only to our factory. We remove the old bar and mount the new bar to recover the laser power of the stack.

Choice C: Measure your stack and comfrim the water pipe hole and screw hole position. Then press the button below to buy a ready-made stack which is match your old hadnpiece.

ADSS 1600W laser handle refurbishing Advantages

1.The newest Ausn mounting technology will be applied when repairing.

2.Diode laser bars are made in Germany

3.After repair. The handpiece will be as a new one. life time is much longer than before .

4.All technical support of hair removal machine is avaliable. Such as handpiece parts, electonic board, program, cooling and etc.

ADSS 1600W laser handle refurbishing Specifications:

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