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laser safety glasses for diode laser hair removal machine treatment

IPL laser safety goggles, laser glasses, laser safety glasses,

protect wavelength: 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm…

Laser safety glasses is very needed for a  laser power even 5mw, they are extensively used in the field of  laser alignment, laser medical treatment, Laser industry etc.

We provide quality laser safety glasses for 200~540nm, 600~700nm, 800 ~1100nm, 2700~3000nm, 10600nm,

The goggles we manufactured are made of high polymer and laser absorber, with high performance, and fully meet EN207, EN208.

Laser safety glasses specifications:

Name Protective glasses for ipl diode laser
Range of wavelength 200800nm
OD 5+
Lasers System Nd:YAG Laser
Luminous Transmittance% 30

OL01 photon safety glasses is a kind of highly efficient and safety goggles synthesized by PC material and light absorbing material (special rare metal compound nano material). Highly effective visible light suppression is achieved over the entire wavelength range of 200-800 nm. Only a small portion Harmless light as a physician observation. For the suppression of intense pulsed light is very effective, clear line of sight but no flicker. Its optical safety performance fully meet the European standard EN207A1: 2002. And has been the EU CE certification. OL01 safety glasses with ergonomic design, suitable for Asian face, closed well, stylish dynamic, the overall PC material, more lightweight, impact resistant, more durable, is the perfect combination of fashion and protection. OL01 safety glasses with absorption protection. It adds a special wavelength of nanomaterial absorbers imported from Australia.

So it has the following significant advantages:

1, there is no selectivity of the light source, you can safely protect a variety of diffuse light; the incident angle of the light source is not selective, can all aspects of the protection of a particular band of laser and glare.

2, high decay rate;

3, the surface is not afraid of wear, even if scratch, does not affect the security of light;

4, light reaction faster <10-9 seconds.


OL01 photon safety glasses are professional protective goggles designed for intense pulsed IPL, rejuvenation, whitening and hair removal.

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