Model C IVYREAL RF+ Diode Combination laser gun for hair removal and skin lightening

RF+ Diode Combination laser gun Details:

RF+ Diode Combination laser gun RF+ Diode Combination laser gun

It is the first combination of radio frequency and diode laser with an effective effect of skin tightening,wrinkle reduce,whitening and lightening.Ivyreal is real safe,painless and comfortable.For using the pretty cool diode laser hair removal,it will show you a new face and colorful life.

Core advantage of RF+ Diode Combination laser gun


  1. Deepen to 9mm of dermis

Ordinary RF only reaches 1-3mm of dermis.However,with diode laser, RF can deepend to 1-9mm of dermis because diode laser can penetrate epidermis first and produce photochemical and thermal reaction. The reaction can reduce the resistance value of epidermis and dermis. So the RF will be much deeper then before.It widely improves the treatment effect of wrinkle removal and skin lifting and whitening.With sapphire cooling the epidermis is from interference.After treatment,it has an immediate effect and the skin without getting red and swollen.It is really safe treatment with truly painless,non-intrusive,no-down time.

RF+ Diode Combination laser gun

2. Comfortable freezing treatment

Sapphire freezing point,protecting skin from getting red.The spot size is 12x12mm with sapphire cooling which keeps skin temperature to 0-5℃。It is really comfortable,painless and no down time.After treatment,you can make up immediately.

RF+ Diode Combination laser gun

3. Four working modes,all in one

ST mode

Wrinkle removal,skin lifting,facial contour reconstruction combination RF and diode technology

SR mode

Skin whitening,beverage removal,pores shrink,couperose skin removal,skin tightening and rejuvenation

HR mode

Professional mode of diode laser hair removal

FHR mode

Fast hair removal which is easy operation

RF+ Diode Combination laser gun


RF+ Diode Combination laser gun Technical parameters:

Model HP- SR-800
RF energy 0-150w
Laser energy 0-60J/cm2
Wavelength 780-820nm
Frequency 1-10HZ
Spot temp -5–5℃
Spot sie 12x12mm
Language Enlish,Italian,Spanish,Germany or others
Screen size 8”
Cooling water Distilled water
Power supply 220VAC/50-60Hz  or 110VAC/50-60Hz

RF+ Diode Combination laser gun Treatment effect:

RF+ Diode Combination laser gun

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