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How to choose a safe home-use laser hair removal instrument ?

How to choose a safe home-use laser hair removal instrument?

When you consider to buy a new home-use laser hair removal device, you will consider about its safty and functions. We suggest you should take the following factors into consideration:

1. First, safe and effective hair removal to look at the light source combined with skin color, Asian brands more cost-effective.

Although home laser hair removal instruments are all light, the light used by each brand is not the same. As far as I know, the domestic hair removal apparatus Tria 4X is a laser used in the United States, the effect is better, but the strong sense of pain, light mouth, long hair removal time, other home laser hair removal instrument is basically used pulsed IPL, based on this Some brands have upgraded their technology and developed the HPL (Israel’s House of Light) and WPL (Korea’s Ulike’s weak pulsed light) that are more suitable for home use. The choice of light source should also be considered in conjunction with skin color. As mentioned before, photon hair removal is the use of melanin to absorb light. In addition to hair follicles, there are also melanin pigments in the skin. So consider complexion. Our new home Iyoung.laser fully combines the above advantages of the instrument, true laser, good effect, painless freezing point, light emitting mouth, double handle, and short hair removal time.

home-use laser hair removal instrument


2.Second, look at energy density. From a safety perspective, on the basis of efficiency, homes with low energy density are safer.

Generally speaking, home laser epilators with high energy densities are more effective, while those with lower energy densities are more secure. This principle should be better understood. The speed is relatively high and the risk of risk is higher. The speed is relatively slow. Medical laser hair removal products, his energy density of 10-60J/cm2, home brands almost did not do this data, mainly safety considerations. We saw on the Internet some products that claim high energy density. I hope everyone will buy them carefully.

Although the effect of low energy density is not so significant, it is not without effect. When our friends choose, they should pay attention to the word-of-mouth on the Internet. Is it really effective? Effectively, it is not impossible for hair removal to come slowly. Safety is the first. Moreover, the higher the energy density is, the more painful it is! The only truly painless ice point is our Iyoung.laser. Because we have a hand-held head that specializes in refrigerating ice and it is used to adjust the comfort during treatment.

home-use laser hair removal instrument

3. Third, look at home laser hair removal instrument products supporting design, ice, goggles and so on.

The skin that has just been exposed to laser light is calmed by ice. The hospital provides ice-bag towels. Some beauty salons even use slight anesthesia. We may not be too convenient at home for hair removal. Moreover, the temperature of the ice pack is not well controlled and it will be too cold to “burn” into the skin. Although lasers are safe, goggles are obviously safer and prevent accidents. Manufacturers can take these into account when designing products, and they are also an expression of safety. For example, our Iyoung.laser is a dual-handle design that incorporates goggles and eye masks.

home-use laser hair removal instrument

4.Fourth, home laser hair removal instrument itself must have a variety of certification.

When selecting a manufacturer, you must carefully confirm the strength of the manufacturer. The certificate must also be read carefully. Our Iyoung.laser has CE certification, our factory has ISO system certification, and some products are applying for FDA testing. These are the factors that must be considered when selecting the instrument.

home-use laser hair removal instrument


5.Fifth, the home hair removal instrument must have a matching instruction manual.

When purchasing a home hair removal apparatus, be sure to buy a domestic distributor with products in both Chinese and English manuals. Beauty instrument has a certain technical nature, need to read the book carefully and use it correctly.

home-use laser hair removal instrumenthome-use laser hair removal instrument

In the home laser laser hair removal instrument brand choice, we must choose the Asian brand, Europe and the United States products may be for the full color, but “all” but not “fine.” Because of the need to consider full color, the relative cost and price will be higher. The laser hair removal apparatus has a useful life, is safe and effective, and it is more appropriate to choose a cost-effective one.

After comprehensively integrating product features, product data, prices, user evaluations and other factors, we strongly recommend that you purchase Iyoung.laser. For details, please click here WhatsApp 0086-18518945778 [chat]


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