Diode laser handle treatment contact spot Sapphire for sale

Treatment contact spot Sapphire Details:

Spot Size: 10mmx17mm

sapphire size: 17*10*9.5

Treatment contact spot Sapphire Characteristics

Sapphire is mainly used in laser beauty equipment, its main component is alumina.

this sapphire is for spot size 10*17mm oriental-laser laser hair removal handle use

Characteristics of sapphire:

1.High transmittance

2.Good thermal conductivity

3.High hardness and wear resistance

4.No allergic reaction to human contact.


OEM/ODM:According to the needs of customers, we can customize products of different specifications. 

Treatment contact spot Sapphire Application

This sapphire crystal light guide used for oriental-laser hair removal machine 11mm*17mm laser handpiece repair

Treatment contact spot Sapphire Detail Photo

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