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Compressor cooling set for diode laser hair removal machine

Different from others diode laser Oriental-laser use Compressor cooling set for diode laser hair removal machine. Our diode machine indicate the best cooling system inside the system, with 5 times cooling from Tank, Fans, Radiator, TEC and also Compressor. Also you have different options with different cooling set. We mainly have 3 options, one compressor set, 2 compressor set, or no compressor set. Frankly speaking, compressor more will be better for total water recycling.



1. What is the role of the compressor in the diode laser hair removal machine?

No matter vertical machine or portable machine for laser diode hair removal, we can make it as the cooling as you like. Since you know, water cooling system is most important for diode laser bar lifetime working. It will decide the temperature and moisture inside the diode laser system.

2. With no compressor, what is the difference between the two?

If without compressor, the machine diode can also works well but you should make the other cooling like tank and radiator very good to meet the demand of water flow and water temperature. That will be cooling slow and cooling effect not good.

3. Please find the picture of the compressor set for both vertical and portable diode laser hair removal machine,




also you can see different 1 compressor set and 2 compressor set:


4. How to use compressor connection with full machine to cool down?

Compressors will be used with filters, compressors and fans also radiators, water flow sensor, water temperature sensor and then totally they controll well to do the water recycling together.

Water Way System Bottom will be like the following:

  1. Freon Compressor Japan imported and provide a best cooling environment
  2. Radiators with best cooling effect also
  3. Water pumps and tank to control the perfect water recycle inner side
  4. Water sensor,filters and temperature sensors to keep the water recycle accuratelyCompressor

5. Compressor installation video please contact Danny whatsapp 0086-18518945778 [chat]



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