How to remove the plug when repairing the diode laser hair removal handle ? Dec 26,2018

Oriental-laser is focused on diode laser hair removal machine manufacturer and after-sale service. So we will also teach each of our customer to do each handling of emergency in your side locally. For how to remove the plug when repairing the diode laser hair removal handle, you should do the following steps:

1.Unscrew 4 fixing screws
Pull out the inner core of the handpiece and remove the welded plate (remove two screws)
Disassemble the CPC water valve connectors

2.Soldering on the hand-insert strip board for easy wiring

3.Welding metal head of conductive wire

4. Mount to the plug head (As picture showed)
The left side (black line) is the laser negative line, and the right side (red line) is the laser positive line.

5.TEC, switch and technical small board wiring
1 (black line) corresponds to the 26th of the rack end (tec negative line)
2 (red line) corresponds to the 27th of the rack end (tec positive line)
4 (black line) corresponds to the 19th of the rack end (switch negative line)
5 (red line) corresponds to the 20th of the rack end (switch positive line)
7,8,9,10 welding count small plate line

6.Install the Water Valve and install the installed black terminal block to the plug

7.Installation of water pipes
The orange-red tube is the inlet pipe (on the positive line side)
The transparent tube is the outlet pipe (on the negative line side)

Finally we have finished the removing of the plug when repairing the diode laser hair removal handle.

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Common questions about laser hair removal treatment?

Here is to explain the common questions about laser hair removal treatment. When you are intending to buy a new device for laser hair removal , or you decide to sell laser hair removal beauty machine, please kindly read this artical before your decisions. Since you may have the same questions when you have your plan:

1. Is laser hair removal treatment safe? Will it cause body odor? Will it affect perspiration?
808nm diode laser hair removal treatment is very safe. The laser only works on specific target tissues. The sebaceous glands and sweat glands do not contain melanin. Because they do not absorb the energy of the laser, they remain intact and will not cause the sweat glands to clog and will not appear. The sweat is not smooth, and it does not cause body odor.

2 .Hair can be removed really after laser hair removal treatment?
After the laser depilation, the skin is smooth and meticulous, and more than 85% of the hair disappears. Some customers still have a small amount of fine hair, which contains little melanin and has poor absorption of laser light. It has achieved the best laser hair removal treatment effect, and no need more hair removal treatment.

3. Is laser hair removal treatment Permanently?
The standard of hair removal is that after the end of hair removal treatment, if there is no obvious hair growth for a long period of time (such as 2 to 3 years), then the hair removal treatment method is a permanent hair removal way. The 808nm laser hair removal core technology belongs to this type of treatment. For white-skinned, black-haired specialties, the core technology of ice-point laser hair removal can be considered as “permanent”, and the hair is no longer growing after treatment.

4. Can anyone do laser hair removal treatment? Are there any taboos?
Normal skin: The laser can penetrate the skin smoothly to absorb the hair follicles.
But tan, dark skin: hinder laser penetration, easy to burn the skin;
Inflamed, injured skin: pigmentation in the dermis, interfere with laser action;
After plucking, white hair: There is no melanin in the hair follicle, and the laser does not work.

After sun exposure or pigmentation, it will affect the laser penetration. It is best to wait for the pigment to fade before doing it;
When there is inflammation or wound in the treatment site, you must first ensure that the skin remains in good condition before doing it;
Sympathetic or drug-induced hirsutism, first treat the possible symptoms before doing it;
White, lighter hair may react poorly to the laser and need more times;
Prohibited during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
Customers with cardiac pacemakers are forbidden to do so.

5. Is it effective for the dark skin people to do painless laser hair removal treatment?
The 1064nm laser has the best therapeutic effect on dark skin. No matter how deep the skin is, it can be used for hair removal. For skin with deep skin, pay attention to sunscreen and good cooling to protect the epidermis.

6. Can facial fillers do laser hair removal treatment?
After the face is filled with hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin and other filling materials, laser hair removal is not recommended immediately. After the laser penetrates the skin, the melanocytes absorb the light and cause the skin to have a heating process. Subcutaneously filled substances such as hyaluronic acid will accelerate the metabolic decomposition after being heated. Affecting the shaping effect, shortening the curative effect time, the friction of the probe will also change the molding shape, so it is not recommended to do similar laser depilation treatment.

7. Why can’t I do laser hair removal treatment soon after sun exposure?
After sun exposure, the skin is usually fragile and sensitive. There are wounds that are invisible to the naked eye. At this time, the skin is very susceptible to stress and allergies. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary situations, it is recommended not to do laser hair removal treatment soon after sun exposure. After the skin refreshed or returned to normal for 1 month, laser hair removal treatment can be performed.

8. Why is it necessary to wait one more week to do laser hair removal treatment after using the hair removal creams?
Because hair removal cream is a chemical agent, it is more irritating to the skin, and the hair removal cream stays on the skin for a long time. If the skin is easy to be allergic and overuse, it is easy to cause redness and allergies, and even a rash occurs. People with sensitive physique should use also with caution, so after the hair removal cream is removed, the skin should be rest and recover at least one week before laser hair removal treatment.

9. Why is it necessary to cut and clear the hair before laser hair removal treatment?
1) The target tissue of laser hair removal is melanin in the subcutaneous hair follicle. The hair on the surface of the skin not only competitively absorbs the laser, but also affects the effect of hair removal, and also increases the pain during treatment.
2) The unscratched hair is irradiated with laser light, and the hair is burnt after repeated light absorption.
3) The coked hair will stick to the laser window, which will burn the skin’s skin and affect the life of the laser.

10. Why you need to do laser hair removal treatment for several times in different stages?
Hair growth has to go through three stages: growth phase, regression period and rest period. During the growth period, there is a large amount of melanin in the hair follicles. The laser can destroy the hair follicles in this period. The hair follicles in the degenerative period have less melanin, and the laser damage to the hair follicles is weaker. There is almost no melanin in the hair follicle during the rest period. effect. Laser hair removal only removes all hairs in order to achieve permanent hair removal, so hair removal should be carried out 3 to 5 times. During the treatment, the therapist is required to closely observe the growth of the hair. Generally, the hair can be treated for the next treatment after the treatment is 2 to 3 mm in length, and the treatment site has no hair, and no laser treatment is performed.

11. What is normal skin reaction after laser hair removal treatment?
A: The skin of the treatment site is reddish, and there is a hair follicle papule reaction around the thick black hair;
B: The treatment area has slight edema of the hair follicle, which is usually an immediate reaction after treatment, and some have a delayed reaction, such as 24 to 48 hours after treatment;
C: The skin in the treatment area has a feeling of heat and acupuncture, which is a normal phenomenon.

12. What are the precautions after laser hair removal treatment?

Firstly, After treatment, there will be a slight burning sensation at the treatment site and there will be lighter erythema around the hair follicle or even no skin reaction. If necessary, do a local ice pack for 10 to 15 minutes to relieve or eliminate the red heat phenomenon;
Secondly, The residual hair present in the treatment area after treatment will fall off after 7 to 14 days;
Thirdly, A very small number of people will have mild itching, rash, sputum and other symptoms after a few days of treatment. This phenomenon is a normal reaction during hair growth. Please don’t worry, apply a good cold after applying Yuzhuo 2 to 3 days. Naturally alleviate this phenomenon; if it is found that sputum and rash have been infected, directly apply to Baidubang for 2 to 3 days, the inflammation will naturally subside;
Forthly, Avoid bathing, sauna, hot springs, aerobics, etc. within 24 hours after treatment. The skin should be cleaned with cold or cold water on the day after treatment. Any cleaning products should be avoided during the cleaning process. A liquid or gel-like skin care product can be used for drying;
Finally,Please Pay attention to sun protection during treatment.

13. Why we should avoid chemical things, strenuous exercise and spicy foods within 24 hours after laser hair removal treatment?
On one side, Because the skin is active after depilation, the barrier function of the skin is reduced and it takes a while to repair.
Secondly, In the sweat, such as sodium chloride, calcium carbonate and other salts, excessive accumulation of these acid and alkali components will damage the skin cells of the skin, causing sweat rash, folliculitis, eczema, lice, lice and so on.
Thirdly,Spicy food is irritating, so as not to cause inflammation of the treatment site, affecting the hair removal effect.

14. Why will the laser hair removal treatment hairs grow in a few days?
It is a normal phenomenon. After the completion of the week, the hair roots burned out will be metabolized, and will fall off after 14 days, so there is no need for artificial treaair tment.

15. Why can’t I scratch myself after doing laser hair removal treatment?
Hair after pulling or scraping will stimulate the growth of hair, so it is not recommended to treat it yourself during treatment, which will affect the effect of hair removal.

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How to solve the water flow rate low problem of diode laser hair removal machine?

Water flow rate low problem is one of the common problem for beauty salon and diode laser hair removal machine seller. But there is rare complete solutions for solving the water flow rate low problem.

Here we will explain why the problem of water flow rate low come?

And how to solve this kind of problem of water flow rate low?

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Firstly we should tell is apart that water flow rate low is different from water flow. It is related with water flow rate. So it is not only depends on pumps, but also related with water sensor, cooling compressor and water channels inside the handle. It is very important for the full water recycling system.

When your machines show the following alarm wrote water flow rate low?


Please try to check and test your laser hair removal machine in the following way:

1. Mostly the reason for water flow rate low is because of the micro channel inside handle was blocked. Firstly you should take off the handle connector and reconnect again to see whether it will be ok.

If still not ok, then take off handle and blow off the handle inside dust with air-pump like the following. Also you can use the air-blow or injection tools.

After blowing off the dust and airs inside the handle micro channels, you can recheck again for the water flow whether ok or not?

2. The second reason for water flow rate low is because of the water pumps not working 100%. Your laser hair removal machine maybe make up of several mini pumps or only one pump. You should open the laser hair removal case, check the current and voltage of all the pumps to see whether it is work in 100% efficiency!

3. Third one is the water sensor broken. Please take off the water sensor and blow it with mouth. If you can hear the fans inside blowing and turning around no problem. Then you can resettled the water sensor to keep it working.

4. The last reason for water flow rate low maybe from the water filters and Ion filters. Since the filters are long-used without changing. So there is the dust and not clear for filter working. SO you should change new filters to make the water way cleared.

So far I have only these ideas about diode laser hair removal machine water flow rate low.If you have any more questions or you want to talk more about it, please kindly add my whatsapp 0086-18518945778

How to do daily maintenance of laser hair removal beauty device?

How to do daily maintenance of laser hair removal beauty device?

This should be the topic of concern to many beauty salon owners. The laser hair removal beauty device is with high value and each beauty salon or spa may put into much on it. So it is very important for the beauty salon, and daily maintenance is also a problem that the beautician needs to pay attention to:

1. Add water, outlet of water and water changing for the instrument.

Add water time : before working the machine!

After the new laser hair removal beauty device arrives at the store,Diode Laser TECH Company recommends that water must be added at the first time, and the handpiece can be installed after the water is full. Most beauty devices or instruments require water for cooling system and heat-disappation.

How to add water: Install the watering funnel at the water inlet, open the nut of the overflow, and pour the water into the watering funnel until the water overflows, which means the instrument water is full.Then you can connect the electricity to do machine opertaions.

when the water is released, open the overflow and the water outlet until the water outlet is not Water flows out.

The laser hair removal beauty device changes water every 2-3 month is better, and pull out all the water inside and add new water inside, please do not add any water during the 2-3 month working time. To ensure all the water is fresh. And water quality is Distilled water but not with any alkaline mineral water.


2, Take Care about Water quality:


The laser hair removal beauty devices instrument is added with cold or cool water, and it is best to add distilled water or pure water, avoid adding mineral water, adding mineral water is easy to damage the instrument since there are many dust and Ion inside.

3. Operation should be in strict accordance with the instruction manual of the instrument.

Many laser operator they do not read the user manual before laser operation. So when any emergency comes, they don’t know how to deal with it. So please read the instructions or user manual carefully before doing the treatment.

4. During the transportation of the instrument, the water must be cleaned and packaged.

Some mini salon or clinic, maybe you do not have enough devices to do door to door service. So you must take one device to many different places. But please kindly be noted that each of the device shoudl be cleared water out before transportation. Each device is with both eletronic system and also water cooling system, upside is electrical parts while the bottom side is the water recycling ways. So please take care do not transport with water inside. Will cause easily controller board burning or laser handles broken also when next time working again.

5, Change water filters every 6 month and change the ION filters every one year.

The water cooling system is very important. You should ask technician or professioanl engineer to clear and clean the water ways every 3 month when changing water. Also please do not forget to change water filter PP and Ion filter to make the water way cleared.

Diode Laser Tech maintenance company recommends that the instrument be cleaned regularly, keep it clean and dry, please disconnect the electricity when not in use.

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Why your 810nm diode laser hair removal machine price so high? Sep 19, 2018

Why diode laser hair removal machine price so high ?

Nowadays more and more people know difference between IPL, opt and diode laser, so they know the diode laser is better than IPL and OPT. While another question also came, there are so many diode laser machine in the market, why your diode laser hair removal machine price so high?

laser hair removal machine price

I like to answer this kind of question yes, it is my work to deal with diode laser for more than 5 years, also I have technical support from our company, and I have been a nice beauty adviser here to do laser hair removal treatment sometimes. So I would like to answer this question why diode laser hair removal machine price so high? Recently several of my customers asked this kind of questions, also they want to open a new salon or clinic with not big cost, but they are hesitated on how to choose a right accurate diode laser hair removal machine. It is really a headache:-) So please find my blog bellow and hope it will make you suddenly enlightened!

Why diode laser hair removal machine price so high?

You should compare on the following several factors:

1. Diode Laser Bar & Micro Channel Coller Origin:

Commonly in diode laser field, there are 2 famous laser bar company, Germany Jenoptik and USA Coherent, also in the market many supplier crow about their diode stack is from Jenopik or from Dilas. In fact the diode bar company Jenoptik is OK for diode bar assembly so they have diode stack by their own, while dilas and coherent now they are united. In the European and USA market, their cost for materials and the human resourse all are high, now we have learned in Germany the assembly technology so we have better cost-effective advantages.

China diode laser tech nowadays are improving, also we are using Germany imported bar Jenoptik Bar also we have Coherent Bar as second options. And for the micro channel cooler, it is also important for the laser bar lifetime. Nowadays many supplier in order to reduce the material cost, they are using China brand micro channel cooler now, so the machine laser stack cost was dowm. While for long term, it is not a good replacement, if lifetime shorten, will be more difficult to do replacement service and after-sale communication.

So diode laser tech company we insist on diode laser bar and micro channel cooler both imported to ensure the laser hair removal machine handle long time life.

laser hair removal machine price

2. Laser hair removal machine cooling system:

For diode laser machine, there are no any parts are easy to be broken. Only the diode laser bar and handle is comsumables. While for such an expensive diode laser hair removal machine, everyone hope it has a long life time and make much more profits. So to ensure the laser bar working long time is very significant.

How to make the machine laser diode bar working long time?

PER our experience, our engineer have research the characteristics and specifications for laser bar. It must be working in accurate temperature between 18-35 degree and moisture also tender.

So if a professional diode laser hair removal machine manufacturer, they will control the diode laser bar working in a nice condition without any threat for the diode burn. So we are working improving it for more than 16 years now. Now we are basically finishing this project to control it well.

Our diode laser hair removal machine used the best Japan imported compressor chiller, which can hold 600W chilling comsumption. Compared with China 200W chiller or other supplier who did not use any chiller inside machine, this machine continously working more than 24 hours no any problem. While no compressor will work only 8 hours or 12 hours at most.

Another cooling way is from the handle sapphire there are micro channel and sapphire contact, whicl will also do improvement for the laser cooling.

Inside the diode laser hair removal machine, there is big tank and radiator also pumps with nice water recycling to do the cooling assistance.

So to buy a nice diode laser hair removal machine, you should pay more attention on diode laser cooling system.

laser hair removal machine pricelaser hair removal machine price

3. Technical support and after-sale service

No matter for end-user beauty salon and clinic doctors, or for beauty machine distributors, professional technical support and good after-sale service will be important for both of them.

If you buy a laser hair removal machine, you may need to learn each kind of spare parts and the effect and working theroy before placing a order, while you can not solve any problem after-sale. To choose a great machine will decrease the possibility of problems happen. While to find a professional technician team will also improve your after-sale service.

There are more and more supplier who just want to do one-time business, they just show sincerity to cooperation before your order. While after-sale they will disappear soon.

Recently hear about one story from a turkey customer, they bought one IPL device about 2600USD while waiting 3 month to receive the machine. During that, they have told me to confirm whether the supplier send them the device and the supplier have shown them the tracking NO.However when they received the device it is just one of trolley worth about 260USD. It is just a story but very often to see nowadays.

In our team, we have good engineer who can feedback you within 1 hour, no matter what is the time they will feedback you to do rest assured that we are always there for you. Secondly, when the working time, we will show you video to help you find the problem. Finally will show you video to video talk to give maintenance for the laser hair removal machine.

We will not promise for each city in each country we will have after-sale service center. If we do that, you will also increase the input of diode laser hair removal machine price. So it is another way to increase cost. Even if we make each city one center, if without professional excellent engineer, it is no use to do replacement service by them, you need a professional engineer who can give you guidance.

laser hair removal machine price

If you have any more question I will explain more in the next blog, or You can contact Danny by whatsapp 0086-18518945778.[whatsapp]


How to do diode laser handle repairing service for other brand ?

Diode laser handle repairing service details:

Diodelasertech can give diode laser handle repairing service to different brand diode laser hair removal machines. For example Aroma, Alma lasers, Syneron, and Candela and so on.

When they receive the old diode laser handle as the following:

Diode laser handle repairing service

They will first open them for the checking and testing of the diode inside the old handle :

Diode laser handle repairing service

After checking they will test the diode stack for recondontion the new diode laser chips:

Diode laser handle repairing service

The Diode laser handle repairing service process will be like the following:

Diode laser handle repairing service

Anyway we can repair different brand diode laser hair removal machine handles.

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How to change TEC cooler peltier for alma lasers soprano ICE handle piece? August 8,2018

TEC cooler peltier for alma lasers soprano ICE handle piece

TEC cooler peltier

When you have Alma lasers soprano ICE handle, you may meet the problem of the cooling spot not good. In the recent years, Soprano Ice is not as good quality as alma lasers former generations. So you may want to find a good solution to do the replacement of laser handle piece Soprano ICE.

Diodelasertech can not only repair and replace the soprano ice handle piece diode inside, also we can replace the TEC cooler peltier inside the diode handle tips. So if you have any problem similarly, please contact Danny whatsapp 0086-18518945778.

2. Specifictaions Soprano ICE laser gun TEC cooler peltier

Thickness: 3.3mm

Vmax: 14.6V
Imax: 6A
Power: 50.8w
temperature difference: 68℃
Application: alma soprano ice handpiece repair
Since there are no moving parts, there is no vibration or noisy
With only a power cord, it is easy to handle

3. Application and Connection Guide Soprano ICE  laser gun TEC cooler peltier

The TEC cooler can be used to alma soprano ice handle piece of laser hair removal machine

Red line is TEC+, black line is TEC-

TEC cooler peltier

TEC cooler peltier

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Do you have Alma lasers 8 bars SE-11076 diode laser stack for replacement?

Do you have Alma lasers 8 bars SE-11076 diode laser stack for replacement?

This SE-11076 diode laser satck is used for Alma lasers 8 bars micro channel blue side plate handle.Oriental-laser focused on diode laser bar assembling for more than 16 years and we have seen various Alma lasers diode laser stacks for Soprano XL and Soprano ICE Platform.Also we can use the same Jenoptik bar like Alma used to recondition the power the laser soprano power. Please find the details here:

Alma lasers 8 bars SE-11076

Alma lasers 8 bars SE-11076

Alma lasers 8 bars SE-11076

Alma lasers 8 bars SE-11076

Alma lasers 8 bars SE-11076

SE-11076 diode laser stack specification:

Model No VS-MI-808-100-1.5-8-Alma-SE-11076
Application Alma Soprano Handle Piece Repair And Replacement
Operation Mode CW
Number of submounts 8 Bars
Power per submounts 100W
Central wavelength at 25℃ 808 ± 5nm
Typical Operation current 60A
Typical Threshold current 15A
Maximum Operating Voltage 24V
Fast Axis Divergence (FWHM) NO
Slow Axis Divergence (FWHM) NO
Expected lifetime >10000 Hours
Typical pitch per bar 1.8mm
Flow rate 0.3L/min ±10% / Bar
Water Temperature 15-25 ℃
Water Quality Deionized 2-10 µs/cm, mixed bed ion exchanger,particle filter<25µm
cooling system Do not use any material that combination with copper would form galvanic elements

SE-11076 diode laser stack Dimension

Alma lasers 8 bars SE-11076


  • We can offer different diode laser stack for Alma lasers soprano solution. Per our experience, alma lasers so far have different stack for Soprano XL, Soprano XLi and Soprano ICE. Also Alma lasers are with three wavelength for the Alma lasers Soprano ICE Platinum, each of them we can make the replacement and repairing service.

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What points to pay attention to when using diode laser beauty equipment ? July 4, 2018

What points to pay attention to when using diode laser beauty equipment ?

  1. Diode laser beauty equipment must be filled with water before starting, otherwise it will burn the treatment gun.
  2. When adding water, open the overflow opening. When the overflow is flowing outward, it means that it has been filled with water.


3.Diode laser beauty equipment boot operation: remove the bald head below the fuselage, open the emergency stop switch to start, use the key to repeatedly boot 2-3 times to ensure the normal operation of the machine.


4, Diode laser beauty equipment there will be with flow sound when the handle has water recycling, touch crystal cooling before operation, otherwise it will burn the machine or burn the customer’s skin. After the light is on, it can be treated for 2-3 minutes. The purpose is to make the treatment head fully cool. When the machine is turned on, you can not touch the button of the treatment head soon to emit light, which will seriously damage the life of this instrument. Please check whether the crystal position of the treatment head is frozen or there is water condensation. Otherwise, It is considered not to be cooled.


5, the treatment handle is fragile items, please be careful to operate, when not in use, please fix it into the holder and keep it stable.


6, if customer is the first time to do diode laser beauty machine treatment, you must first use testing machine to test sensitivity,if really no problem can be treated with this hair removal.


7, cooling gel: clean the treatment site, evenly apply cold gel, the thickness of 2mm is best, the nose and forehead is thickened (such as hair removal items, the hair must be shaved after cleaning the treatment site, Cold gel is a light-guiding agent, which has the function of cleaning, cooling and guiding light. Cold gel is forbidden to be used repeatedly and discarded after use.


  1. Technical parameters: In principle, the energy parameters must be adjusted from low to high (no more than 2 energy points per adjustment), and according to the color of the customer’s skin (the color depth can be selected with smaller energy parameters, color You can use a larger energy parameter to consult and observe the customer’s feelings and reactions. If the customer feels a slight sensation.


  1. Bald test: After adjusting the parameters, put the optical head crystals down 2-3 times (not aligned with Chengdu beauty medical equipment, eyes can not be directly viewed).


Test sensitivity: test sensitivity in the patient’s treatment site is mild, select a good site, stop after three spots, observe the skin reaction at the test site, and consult the customer experience, the normal reaction is: the treatment is reddish, The guest feels a slight tingling (if it is painful, the skin is reddish, the energy parameter is too large, the energy parameters can be appropriately reduced, and the cooled bald head is immediately placed in the treatment place to cool down, so as to avoid burns; if the customer does not feel anything, The energy parameter is small, the observation time can be extended to prevent delayed reaction, and the energy parameter is increased or decreased according to the customer’s reaction until the test sensitivity is normal.


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What problems should cosmeticians pay attention to during the hair removal procedure?

What problems should cosmeticians pay attention to during the hair removal procedure?

At present, beauty equipment has become the main method for the beauty salon to carry out the project. The proficiency of the instrument operation is related to the effect and safety of the treatment. Beauty equipment problems, we must find a professional beauty equipment repair company to seek solutions. Different maintenance companies have different operating procedures. What problems should cosmeticians pay attention to during the hair removal procedure?

hair removal procedure

1, Treatment of energy parameters adjustment

For different customers, there should be a difference in the adjustment of the instrument parameters. To achieve the best therapeutic effect within the safety range, it can generally be adjusted from low to high. For customers with more serious skin problems, you can record the number and time of treatment according to the condition of the skin treatment, and make enough energy to do enough times. Eastern Light has decades of experience in professional packaging technology and assembly equipment, and can communicate online anytime there is any problem. We will respond to your questions 24 hours a day and provide free consultation services.

hair removal procedure


2, The treatment of the density of the head

No matter what kind of beauty equipment, the operation process should have a certain sequence, what to do first, after which parts, do not cause the omission of the treatment site, to ensure that every inch of the skin can get effective treatment. Taking the E-light beauty instrument as an example, a stamp-type method is used. To avoid treatment of blind spots, one-third of the treatment site can be overlapped. In addition, the 808nm semiconductor laser should be operated in a gliding mode, and it should be closely attached to the skin to make the skin completely fit the handle.


3, Careful operation on focus and difficult areas 

Some of the more serious parts of the problem, beauty equipment maintenance personnel recommend that you can slightly increase the intensity of treatment, multiple operations, to ensure that the key parts can be a corresponding effective treatment, such as ultrasonic knife wrinkle, in the skin of severe relaxation, you can use several The knife head superimposed treatment will have better results. However, some bones and blood vessels are dense parts that must be avoided to avoid side effects.

Diode laser hair removal also, in the face of bone, should avoid treatment.

hair removal procedure

4, Timely communication with customers

Each person’s skin tolerance will be different. During the treatment process, pay attention to the customer’s skin condition, ask the customer’s feelings. If there is a strong sense of heat or tingling, it is necessary to properly lower the energy. If there is no feeling, there is It may be that there is not enough energy, and energy may be increased appropriately.

Our company has decades of maintenance experience, professional maintenance 808nm laser, laser handle, and hair removal instrument complete machine. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Danny whatsapp 0086-18518945778.

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hair removal procedure