Best laser hair removal at home Trailma II Generation

TRIALMA II, best laser hair removal at home, with advanced 808nm diode laser technology, makes treatment more comfortable and elegant for laser hair removal. It’s suitable for mini beauty salon, health center, at home use or even on travel, no matter ladies or gentlemen.


Machine feature:

Big spot size: 11*11mm, 5 grades power output adjusted for customer, with instant result, faster than any other brands.It is best laser hair removal at home.

Wide application: this laser device can be used in all body area: arm, back, Bikini and even lip etc.

Humanity design: hand-held, easy operation.You can do safe, permanent and painless hair removal at home.It will also help you get white and silky skin then you will be more self-confident.

Continuous power supply: no need to wait for long time battery charge, so it will greatly increases customer treatment efficiency and will bring much more profits for beauty salon or health center.

Supper working life: Above 5,000,000 shots lifetime. no need change diode laser, and half price of similar machine so reducing cost in maximum .

best laser hair removal at home


Unlimited business opportunity:

This mini laser device does not have gender difference,no matter lady or gentleman, you can do it without any worry.

We use Germany imported diode laser bar,assembled in our 100K class clean-lab, also our engineers with more than 10 years mounting experience,so our laser will be with stable quality and reasonable price for all of you.

TRIALMA II, best laser hair removal device Specification:

Laser type  Diode laser
Energy density 8-24J/cm2 Wavelength 808nm
Spot size 11mm*11mm Pulse width 125-600ms
Total shoots 5,000,000 Input power 100-240/50-60HZ
Package size 35*25*15cm Net Weight 1.5KG
-Permanent and painless hair removal for all skin types;
-Reduction and possible removal of fine lines and wrinkles;
-Improvement of age spots and blemishes with skin rejuvenation
best laser hair removal at home
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best laser hair removal at home

Mini spa and home use 200W portable diode laser Iyoung for hair removal

Do you have any problem when you are planning to do hair removal like the following :

1.Hair Removal Not Effective?

2.High Cost Input?

3.Inconvenient to Carry?

4.Trying New Business?


Technology Life Smart Future

Iyoung.Laser with new laser technology, also with 2 handles new design,apply with 808nm diode treatment and cooling system, will be more effective and comfortable for hair removal and skin rejuvenation.


more effective and comfortable for hair removal and skin rejuvenation


Double efficiency of traditional OPT hair removal

Application: Not Only Hair Removal !!!

hair removal

Operation Manual for Iyoung.Laser hair removal device


hair removal

1. Clean
Shave and clean the treatment area. The hair length less than 1mm.
2. Adjust the working mode
Turn on the device, then choose the suitable level.
When using at the first time, it’s better to choose the level 1, then increase level according to feeling. The level is higher, the effect of hair removal will be better.
hair removal
3. Operation: Place the applicator touch the skin with slightly and full contact. Then press the button when the light turns green. When treatment started, the light turns red. Continue to press the button to do hair removal.
4. Finishment After operation,please release the button, then power off. Normally, after 5~8 times, you can see the obvious effect of hair removal.
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hair removal