Can you repair Diode Aroma II Laser Gun Model Q?

Diode Aroma II Laser Gun Repairing Service:

Diode Laser Tech company have more than 10 years repairing service for alma lasers and other brand like Cynesure, Aroma, Syneron and Palomar. We have also offered replacement and maintenance service for other brand like Syneron, Polarma, Cynosure and Nlight, Dilas etc.

Diode Aroma II Laser Gun

But I think you may be interested in how we repair the Diode Aroma II Laser Gun? So please read the following text carefully:

Firstly, When we receive an old Diode Aroma II Laser Gun, we will check the outlook carefully and take some detailed pictures as record for customer. We will take pictures from the shell, push bottom, water tube hose and the handle connector. After checking outside we will mark on the handle with customer name and sales name, date of receiving it.

Diode Aroma II Laser Gun

Secondly, we will confirm with customer about the receiving of Diode Aroma II Laser Gun. Also will share with them the pictures we took from the outside. If customer agree that we can open the diode handle to do the following replacement, then we will open it. Usually we open the shell, then take off the diode laser stack, disassemble the diode laser stack into pieces,and then check each bar under the microscope.

Diode Aroma II Laser Gun

Thirdly, We will mount new diode laser bar onto heat sink and assemble diode laser stack to old structure of Diode Aroma II Laser Gun in our cleaning lab. Both of our bar chips and micro channel cooler are imported from Germany manufacturer.We strictly manage mounting, assembling and testing step during laser stack producing. Every stack will be fully tested after more than 8 hours working in the lab before replacing the Diode Aroma II Laser Gun.

Diode Aroma II Laser Gun

Forthly, our experienced technician will reassemble the Diode Aroma II Laser Gun. Which include:
a. Install the new laser stack into the Diode Aroma II Laser Gun.

b. Clean lens and check the TEC and other parts inside the Diode Aroma II Laser Gun

c. Test the power output of whole handle piece Diode Aroma II Laser Gun.

d. Clean the cover shell of Diode Aroma II Laser Gun and package it

e. We send the finished good diode laser stack Diode Aroma II Laser Gun to your address

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