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Alma Lasers Soprano XL / ICE/ XLi/ Accord Alma Laser Tip Refurbishment With Jenoptik Bars

Alma Lasers Soprano XL / ICE/ XLi/ Accord Alma Laser Tip Refurbishment details:

Alma Lasers Soprano XL/ICE/XLi/Accord Alma Laser Tip Refurbishment specifications:

Model No VS-MI-808-100-1.5-12:0-Alma-12
Application Alma Soprano Handle Piece Repair And Replacement
Operation Mode CW
Number of submounts 12 Bars
Power per submounts 100W
Central wavelength at 25℃ 808 ± 5nm
Typical Operation current 60A
Typical Threshold current 15A
Maximum Operating Voltage 24V
Fast Axis Divergence (FWHM) NO
Slow Axis Divergence (FWHM) NO
Expected lifetime >10000 Hours
Typical pitch per bar 1.8mm
Flow rate 0.3L/min ±10% / Bar
Water Temperature 15-25 ℃
Water Quality Deionized 2-10 µs/cm, mixed bed ion exchanger,particle filter<25µm
cooling system Do not use any material that combination with copper would form galvanic elements

Alma Lasers Soprano XL / ICE/ XLi/ Accord Alma Laser Tip Refurbishment Stack Dimension

Alma lasers soprano

Alma Laser Tip Refurbishment handle piece and laser stack repair process:

First, the customers need to send us the old diode as below pictures shows, if can’t send old diode laser, need send to us structure design of the diode and dimension details stack. We will repair the old diode or design a new stack to replace the old one.

alma laser soprano xl process-1


Second, we disassemble the handle piece, and test the old laser stack. For the micro channel laser stack, Such as Alam laser, Lightsheer, Syneron , we will test each laser plate one by one to confirm whether there are any one bars still can work. If there have some good bars, the repairing charge will lower. For macro laser stack like most product made in China, we will test whole laser stack together.

alma laser soprano xl process-2

Third, we choose best quality laser stack to replace the old broken one. Our bars are imported from Germany. We mounted bars and assemble them to laser stack in our lab.Every stack will be fully tested and had 8 hours buring test.

alma laser soprano xl process-3


Finally, our experienced technician will reassemble the handle piece. Which include:

a: Install the new laser stack into the handle piece

b: Clean lens and check the TEC and other parts inside the handle piece

c: Test the power output of whole handle piece

d: Clean the cover shell of handle piece and package it.

We can repair variety brand diode laser stack and lase handle.

alma laser soprano xl (English)alma laser soprano xl 1(English)

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