Oriental-laser (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.

Professional manufacturer of aesthetics & Medical laser equipment in China, founded in 2008. It is a beauty equipment manufacturer with specialty on diode laser cosmetic techniques and the unique independent diode laser chip packaging technology in the world.

Oriental-laser is one of National high-tech enterprises for professional diode laser product manufacturing. Our products are mainly three part:
1.Diode laser hair removal machine spare parts and reparing service for Alma&Syneron;
2. DPSS module for marking and cutting like CEO,LEE and FOBA;
3. High power QCW module OEM service for military and scientific research.
The main reason for this blog is to share with all of you how to choose accurate diode laser product for your application. I have been active for the diode laser market in Italy, Russian, Turkey, Dubai, Vietnam and Thailand, also India. So I will try my best to give support you when you have any diode laser product problems.
I am very happy and full of passion for many customers to solve their questions about the laser hair removal devices every day. The passion of my work is derived from the good feedback and recognition of the customers, helping more ladies to complete the beautiful transformation.. I help more and more customers learn more about this kind of hair removal machine, solve related questions and know how to choose a laser hair removal beauty machine with high quality and good effect,as well as reasonable price.
As early as 2014, I began to share various information about our products on Facebook, but later found that these information is everywhere, customers can easily get the product information, but they still do not know why this kind of hair removal machine can issue Laser? what parts are needed to make such a magic hair removal machine? how to assemble it? and why can we remove excess hair from the body? Customers are still very confused about which factors should be referred to when selecting a good laser hair removal instrument.
I began to realize that what the customer really needs to understand is not the introduction of superficial product information, but the more central core information of the hair removal instrument itself.
Here you will learn more about:
* What is micro channel? What is macro channel? and what are the difference between them?
* Why the diode laser bar was burned after short time treatment?
* What kind of diode laser device is most effective for hair removal?

* What accessories are required for the birth of a laser hair removal machine?
* How to assemble these accessories into a hair removal beauty machine (assembly series video)
Each accessory will have a very detailed video tutorial
* Comparative analysis of different types of hair removal machine
* Share the actual hair removal process, the middle growth state and the final result
* Science knowledge about laser hair removal!