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9.3mm CPC water valve connector for laser hair removal beauty devices

  1. 9.3mm CPC water valve Product Picture:

 2. 9.3mm CPC water valve Specification:

Model Number OLCPC-9.3 mm
Size(Male) 4.83cm*2.1cm   max caliber:10mm   min caliber:6 mm
Size(Female) 5.42cm*2.1cm   max caliber:5mm     min caliber:7.82 mm
Material POM
Connector Type Union
Welding method Ultrasonic welding
Operating temperature range 32 to 160°F
Seal material NBR

3. 9.3mm CPC water valve application:

Suiltable for a wide variety of applications in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, labaratory, chemical processing and handing, and printing and labeling, especially for laser hair removal machine and beauty machine.They are easy and efficient way to ensure control of process water flow.

water valve CPC connector 

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  1. Good day Lady,Sir,
    Could you give me a price for four spare parts, ( model male OLCPC -9,3 / 10.8 inclusieve sending door to door in the Netherlands?
    Best regards, Auke de Vries.


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