808nm Diode Laser hair removal machine water filling and outlet tutorial

How to do 808nm Diode Laser hair removal machine water filling and outlet?

When you receive a new 808nm Diode Laser hair removal machine , first you need to check if the machine’s appearance is intact. Second, you need to add water to the machine before starting it.

The following is the process of adding water to the machine and what will be noted:

  1. Why does the instrument need to add water?

The highly configured laser hair removal apparatus has a relatively stable water cooling system to ensure longer working life and longer service life of the laser.


  1. Before adding water, you need to be familiar with a few signs: Water inlet, Water spilt, Water drain.

hair removal machine water filling and outlet

Water Spilit: First you should add a CPC connector here as a air release valve;

hair removal machine water filling and outlet

Water Inlet: You should use the CPC connector with Funnel here to fill water into machine;

hair removal machine water filling and outlet

Water Drain: When the water filling is full, there will be water out from the Water Drain.

hair removal machine water filling and outlet

  1. Water quality requirements:

Generally, good laser hair removal devices use precision microchannel technology imported from Germany. Their water quality requirements are relatively high. You need to use advanced pure water or high-grade distilled water. You can’t use tap water or mineral water. It is better to use deionized water if conditions permit.

  1. Requirements for adding water capacity:

Generally, the water tank of our conventional instrument only needs to be 2.5-3 L. Because our laser hair removal instrument has a good compressor refrigeration system, only a sufficient water supply is needed to ensure the normal operation of the compressor, and the machine can work continously. Therefore, our diode laser only needs to add about 2.8L of water, that is, 4 to 5 bottles (500ml) of conventional purified water. But also there are others machine without compressor, the capacity for water will be more, 7-8L or even 10-12L are possible.


  1. Drainage water outlet step:

Precision instruments such as the 808nm laser hair removal machine, they need to be routine maintenaned, changing water every month. To change the water, you first need to insert a drain nozzle on water spilt as valve, then add a nozzel with water pipe in the Water Drain to drain the water out. Then don’t forget to re-pure the machine with pure water. If you do not use the machine for a long time in winter, please remember to drain the water inside the machine to avoid freezing the water pipe or tank.


The related video of adding water and water outlet is as follows:

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