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808 handpiece model E repair for honkon laser handle

Repair for honkon laser handle details:

Oriental-laser uses high qualtiy Germany Jenoptik diode bar, imported Micro channel cooler and advanced laser technology to make the best quality diode laser stack.

If you have damaged laser stack or laser handpiece, we can make a new laser stack to you. Or you can send us the damaged laser stack or handpiece, we replace all of diode bars for the repair. To make your laser refurbished.

Repair for honkon laser handle  Description:

Wavelength: 808nm

Output power: 300W

Operation mode: CW

Cooling: Water + TEC + Micro channel cooler

High optical output power of 100W per bar.

Lifetime: >10000 hours, high reliability

Repair for honkon laser handle  Advantages:

1.High quality. Germany Jenoptik bars

2.Perfect heat dissipation. Imported Germany Micro channel cooler.

3.Reliable performance. Hardly cause burning diode bar problem.

4.Long performance life. Average 20~30 million shots, highest was up to 43 million shots.

Repairing process:

Damaged 3 bars laser stack:

After repair:

Repair for Specifications:

Application Repair or replacement of 3 bars 300w laser hair removal machine handpiece
Function Hair removal, Skin rejuvenation
Central wavelength at 25℃ 808±5nm
Laser bar Germany Jenoptik bar
Laser stack type Micro channel cooled vertical diode laser stack
Operation mode CW
Laser power 300W
Per bar power 100W
Bars number 3 pieces
Typical pitch per bar 1.8mm
Expected lifetime >10000 hours
Cooling system Micro channel cooler + Water + TEC
Water cooling condition 1.Flow rate: 0.3L/min ±10% / bar

2.water temperature: 15~25℃

3.Water quality: Deionized 2-10 µs/cm, mixed bed ion exchanger,particle filter<25µm

4.Cooling: Don’t use any material that combined with copper, that would form galvanic elements

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