300W laser handpiece refurbishment service model N

300W laser handpiece refurbishment details:

This diode laser hair removal handpiece model N is made of 3 pcs diode bar(4 decorate bars and 3 real bars) with micro channel cooler. The diode laser bars in this handpiece is VS-MI-100-8-NL3-5, laser power 300W.

Whole handpiece is made in China.

Service mode: Repair the broken diode laser in the handpiece. Such as replace new laser stack, test TEC peltier, cleaning and so on.

300W laser handpiece refurbishment procedure

Chioce A: Send the old broken handpiece to our facatory. We will do the process of checking , repairing, cleanning and etc. Then send the fresh new handpiece back to you.

Chioce B: if you have basic assambly capacity, you can send the diode laser stack only to our factory. We remove the old bar and mount the new bar to recover the laser power of the stack.

Choice C: Measure your stack and comfrim the water pipe hole and screw hole position. Then press the button below to buy a ready-made stack which is match your old hadnpiece.

300W laser handpiece refurbishment Advantages

1.Save Money. Replace the broken diode stack only. Low cost and convenient

2.Long life time. we use diode laser bars from Germany. The newest Ausn mounting technology will be applied when repairing. After repair. The handpiece will be as a new one. life time is much longer than before

3.All technical support available. We major in diode laser mounting, software, spare parts over 16 years. All the technology are open to you.

300W laser handpiece refurbishment Specifications:

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