OL-HR-Violet 2018 New arrival 810nm diode laser hair removal device Lily for salon and spa

810nm diode laser hair removal device Violet Description:
This is a special 600W 808nm diode laser hair removal machine launched in 2018.It is newly designed for mini and medium salon.Price is reasonable and hair removal function will be much more effective.
Please check Video here : https://youtu.be/Kg67TeEWmVk
810nm diode laser hair removal device Lily Working Theory:
808nm Laser is golden standard for hair removal on all skins.The laser light can be absorbed by melanin the hair shaft and hair follicles, and then converted into heat, thus increasing the hair follicle temperature. The hair follicle structure will be irreversibly damaged when the temperature rises beyond a certain point, and the damaged hair follicle will disappear after a period of natural physiological processes, thereby achieving the purpose of permanent hair removal.
810nm diode laser hair removal device Violet Specifications:
Model OL-HR-Violet
Laser Stack Micro Channel cooler laser stack
Energy Fluency 0~120J/cm²
Pulse Width 0-500ms
Laser Diode Power 600W
Power Consumption 2000W
Wavelength 808nm
Frequency 1Hz~10Hz
Skin Cooling Temp. -5℃–5℃ by cooled Sapphire
Spot Size 11x11mm or 10x18mm optional
Language English/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Turkey and etc.
Touch screen 10.4’
System cooling Water+ Air Fans+ TEC+ Refrigerator Compressor
Input VAC 220VAC / 50-60Hz or 110VAC / 50-60Hz
Frame Size 60cm*60cm*112cm
Net Weight 72KG
810nm diode laser hair removal device Lily Application:
-Permanent and painless hair removal for all skin types;
-Reduction and possible removal of fine lines and wrinkles;
-Improvement of age spots and blemishes with skin rejuvenation
Details of the 810nm diode laser hair removal device:
How to operate this diode laser hair removal machine, please kindly touch the following video:
Any interest please contact Danny by the following ways:

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