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The latest launch in the autumn of 2024, one of the works in the Dark Night Universe series, the mask of the female knight

1. The double handles extend forward, focusing more on treatment.
2. Open left and right, and the suction handle can cover the automatic door, which is beautiful and practical.
3. The part behind the aviation configuration
4. External quick plug water tank and PP+DI filter.
5. Equipped with Japanese Leon frequency converter, it can run continuously for 24 hours.
6. The 15.6-inch screen is equipped with SHR stack mode, SHR mode and HR mode.

Equipped with IVYICE UFS2000 micro-channel handle to achieve:
1. The latest ultrafast laser pulse (UFLP) technology in 2023. For example, using an optical port of 1 square centimeter to achieve 10J single pulse energy, under the parameters of 10J/cm2 energy density, the ultrashort pulse width is as low as 5ms, and the frequency is about 20hz, realizing the real ultra-fast, painless, glue-free ultra- Fast hair removal treatment.
2. 10bar 200W US coherent bar
3. The German micro-channel cooling technology realizes a duty cycle of 20% of the load. Faster hair removal and longer device life.

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