How to solve the water flow rate low problem of diode laser hair removal machine?

Water flow rate low problem is one of the common problem for beauty salon and diode laser hair removal machine seller. But there is rare complete solutions for solving the water flow rate low problem.

Here we will explain why the problem of water flow rate low come?

And how to solve this kind of problem of water flow rate low?

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Firstly we should tell is apart that water flow rate low is different from water flow. It is related with water flow rate. So it is not only depends on pumps, but also related with water sensor, cooling compressor and water channels inside the handle. It is very important for the full water recycling system.

When your machines show the following alarm wrote water flow rate low?


Please try to check and test your laser hair removal machine in the following way:

1. Mostly the reason for water flow rate low is because of the micro channel inside handle was blocked. Firstly you should take off the handle connector and reconnect again to see whether it will be ok.

If still not ok, then take off handle and blow off the handle inside dust with air-pump like the following. Also you can use the air-blow or injection tools.

After blowing off the dust and airs inside the handle micro channels, you can recheck again for the water flow whether ok or not?

2. The second reason for water flow rate low is because of the water pumps not working 100%. Your laser hair removal machine maybe make up of several mini pumps or only one pump. You should open the laser hair removal case, check the current and voltage of all the pumps to see whether it is work in 100% efficiency!

3. Third one is the water sensor broken. Please take off the water sensor and blow it with mouth. If you can hear the fans inside blowing and turning around no problem. Then you can resettled the water sensor to keep it working.

4. The last reason for water flow rate low maybe from the water filters and Ion filters. Since the filters are long-used without changing. So there is the dust and not clear for filter working. SO you should change new filters to make the water way cleared.

So far I have only these ideas about diode laser hair removal machine water flow rate low.If you have any more questions or you want to talk more about it, please kindly add my whatsapp 0086-18518945778

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